How are saffron pistils used

As already marked in HomePage, buying pure saffron pistils (or stigmas) is high quality assurance, as saffron sold in powder (in sachet) can easily be adulterated with extraneous elements (turmeric, safflower, marigold and other dyes).

Pure saffron in pistils is easy to use:
 you can leave whole pistils, previously softened in warm water for 40-60 minutes, or
you can pulverize them by youself with a pestle in a mortar (Attritu Melior! – Mashed is better! – as  the Latin motto of our company).

To use the pistols by infusion in hot water, do as follows this:
Put in a little cup  a bit of very warm water and your stigmas.Instead of water, you can use broth or milk. Cover and leave to infuse for 40-60 minutes, then you will see the water tinged with  deep yellow. Pour it in your recipe, if it’s possible at the end of cooking so as not to cook saffron.  If you don’t  immediately use your brew you can store it up  for 48 hours in the refrigerator. The dose that you need depends on the recipe: for a good risotto we recommend 0.5 grams per 5/6 persons (0.5 gr. Pure saffron × 500 gr. Of Carnaroli rice).  Do not cook saffron with your dish:  it’s better  to add it after cooking to maintain the taste at best.

If you have more time available, prolong the infusion period: it is best to wait a couple of hours so that organoleptic properties will be released at the best. You can dissolve the saffron directly into hot broth and not necessarily in water so that it does not dilute your recipe. It is also said that  infusion into milk gives off the best saffron aroma. For example, if you have to make a cream sauce and saffron,  milk is the best way to use your stigmas. As the infusion lasts for one hour it is better to use and maintain warm and not hot the water in which you’ll dissolve your stigmas.  So you can keep the cup in water bath in hot water, but be careful not to bring to a boil.
When the infusion  is ready pour it all, including pistils, so that, in addition to the aroma you will give an added aesthetic value to your recipe with the red colour of the stigmas.

Attritu Melior! Mashed is better!
This is the Latin motto of the company  and if you want to reduce the infusion time you can pulverize saffron:
Pour the saffron in a small ceramic mortar (if you don’t have a mortar you can even use a coffee cup) and beat it to turn  it in powder or small pieces.
Without a mortar, you can enclose the spice in a sheet of baking paper, folded in two, and then you can crush the pistils from the outside, with the convex part of a spoon.

In this case you can directly add the saffron to the dish you are preparing, without the long preparatory infusion.

Saffron pistils or powder should NOT be stored in a refrigerator, however, once the pistils have been put in infusion, the infusion can be stored in fridge for a few days..
Instead, saffron can be stored, for two years since production date, in its original package (even after opening), in a cool and dry place away from light, heat sources and other aromas that could alter its property.

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